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Where to start, so much to say, and so little space to write it in.

I am 27 years old, and have just celebrated my second wedding anniversary with
the most fantatstic woman in the world!
My wife Jenny and I left Bermuda (where we met) in November 2003 where I had been working for the last
year and a half as an Event Manager. Having travelled around the world for our honeymoon,
we settled in Burlington, NC so Jenny could teach dance at Walter Williams High School as a
cultural ambassador for the VIF (Visiting International Faculty).

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Jenny and I were married on the 26th of November 2003 at 3.30pm
at Astwood Park in Bermuda. The ceremony was beautiful, and the whole day
was fantastic! I have never smiled so much. Jenny, I Love You!!

I am a freelance theatre technician, and have completed courses at
Chichester and Croydon. I have qualified in Acting, Stage and Production Management,
and more recently, in Theatre Design. I have extensive experience in amateur
and professional theatre, and have worked for numerous theatre companies around the world.
I am currently working as a freelance theatre technician out of Alamance county, North Carolina.
I have been lucky enough to have been extremely successful in my career over here, working for
the IATSE (America's equivalent of BECTU), Stageworks Lighting (one of the largest lighting
companies in the state), and the Historic Carolina Theater of Durham.
More details can be viewed in my CV.

Over the last 9 years, I have been learning more and more about the art of
fire performing. This was something that I kind of fell into at a friends party,
one of my friends was fire breathing, and I just asked him to teach me, which he did,
the rest, as they say, is history. I have now reached a considerable level of skill, and
have been performing professionally for over 5 years. To learn more about my fire,
click the link below to go to my fire page.

Click here to go to my fire page

In addition to the solo work that I do, I am also a member of a fire troupe
based in Croydon, South London, called 'Ring of Fire'.
We are available for hire, and can provide a show to suit your needs.
Click the link below to go to 'Ring of Fire'

Ring of Fire

Whilst in Bermuda, I also teamed up with another fire fanatic, and
between us we formed the BJA (Bermuda Juggling Association). We managed to pull
together all the fire performers and circus artists on the island, and were training Bermudians
to perform in all manner of circus arts.