Fire Page

"If you love something, set it on fire!"

Fire is my (burning) passion, and I spend countless hours practicing many varied
disciplines of fire performing. I have been performing with fire for 9 years now,
and have reached a considerable level of skill with a range of different pieces of equipment.

I have been a professional fire performer since the beginning of 2001,
details of which can be found on my Fire CV.

Fire is an amazingly hypnotic thing to watch, everybody is fascinated by fire,
most people are scared of it, but the memory of witnessing a live fire performance
is something that you will not easily forget!

Below are links to photo albums and descriptions of various pieces of
fire equipment that I work with.

Fire Breathing

Fire Eating

Fire Poi

Fire Staff

Double Fire Staff

Fire Sword

Fire Juggling


Until recently I was a member of a fire troupe based in Croydon, South London,
called 'Ring of Fire'. Since my emmigration to Bermuda, I have joined with some
other like-minded crazy people to form the BJA - Bermuda Juggling Association.
More details of this exciting new venture will follow shortly, keep your eyes peeled!!


Warning & Disclaimer - I am a fully trained, professional fire performer. All of the stunts, tricks, and techniques exhibited in this website have been developed through many hours of practice and dedicated hard work. This website is not designed as a tutorial for other potential fire performers, but is for entertainment, amusement and educational purposes only. Working with fire is an extremely hazardous occupation, and can lead to severe burning and possibly death. Any burns or injuries sustained by ANYONE, professional or not, through the reproduction of the stunts depicted in this website, are their responsibility, and theirs alone. All fire performers get burned, many seriously, some fatally. BE FOREWARNED!!!